Studying overseas will sure alter your vision.

Study abroad programs will let you experience outer world and get global practices. You will have opportunity to shift from the theoretical knowledge which you got from the internet and books to practical one. Practical experiments, different educational system, acquired insights related to advancements in various fields, visual acquaintance with new histories and cultures will serve to broaden your outlook.

Our Suggested Study Abroad Programs:

- Assistance with application and registration processes in prestigious universities of Canada, the USA, Europe, Turkey, china, and Russia;

- Consultation about the study on scholarship and on your own costs;

- Organizing intensive language courses and summer schools in above mentioned countries;

- Providing preparation courses to apply for the universities overseas.

What are the merits of studying abroad?

Studying abroad is a useful practice. Getting to know with different cultures, learning languages, making friends with the people from various ethnic groups and nations, expanding career chances, travels – all is crucial practices for later stages of your life. Followings are a few advantages of studying abroad:

1. Seeing the world and coloring your life. One of the most important reasons to study abroad is traveling and seeing different countries. While your stay in the country you get education you see its natural wonders, history, cuisine, its society, and customs. Moreover, you will have no restrictions in case you want travel in Europe.

2. Opportunity to study in the global center of your field. The other reason to study abroad is the opportunity to practically experience different kind of teaching system. By this way you will compare teaching system and model to that of in your own country. Simultaneously, you will be able to take advantage of getting acquaint with the prominent experts and professionals of your field if you study at one of the famous and prestigious universities.

3. Enriching and enlarging your language skills. If you study abroad you will be able to fluently speak at least one foreign language. This language skill will be one of the important tools helping you to step forward in your next professional and academic career.

4. Opportunities for personal development and career. Living in a different culture and adapting to new society, difficulties you encounter at times, independent life and activity, sorting out the problems on the way will alleviate solving the next problems in your later professional life by advancing your skills. After completing your education and returning back to your country, you will easily open up new perspectives for yourself with the aid of upgraded education, language skills, and attitude considering all those enumerated are essential factors for employers. On the other hand, your internationally ratified diploma will make job opportunities available also in the country you studied. Generally the fact of affirming your foreign university diploma in you CV will make it more attention grabbing.

5. Meeting new people and expanding your network. When you study at a foreign university you meet plenty of local and other international students from different cultures with different outlook. If you stay with a local family, your homestay will provide you with the chance to meet people and make contacts other than those in university circle. All your new contacts there in abroad will help in your future professional life.


The United States hosts more than 1,000,000 foreign students of different countries and nations who have expanded their education and life experiences around the world.Around 5% of students enrolled in higher education in the country are foreign students.At present this figure is increasing year by year and is becoming the most popular country for foreign students.But why so many foreign students choose US colleges and universities?We will try to answer this question shortly.

Academic superiority.The United States has the world-famous programs in all areas and has the world's best university system.

Various educational opportunities.The United States has more than ten campuses in other countries with colleges and universities.These colleges and universities have educational programs that develop academic, research and professional skills in various areas of art, social and technical.

Technological improvement. US universities are proud of providing leading technology, research and possible equipment resources for students.Even if your area is not direct and engineering, you will have the opportunity to learn and use the latest technology resources for your research.In addition, you will also be able to contact researchers, teachers and professionals from around the world on your own field.

Wide range of research, teaching and learning opportunities. If you are a master student, you can also finance and get experience with teaching and research.Some programs offer bachelors the assistant to the students, and the masters the research assistant for the special projects in their field.This practical component of your education will give you a important experience for your future career and will also provide practical skills that can not be achieved in your own learning process in your own area.

Wide range of educational and training opportunities. Practice in the international context is a desirable product of the labor market.Many employers are looking for a profound, well-adapted and experienced employee that, to meet these requirements of international students in the United States. The advantage of foreign supportive services is that the campus will add new dimensions to your life, whether academic or cultural diversity, as well as various sports activities and etc. That makes US colleges and universities the most preferred educational institutions.

Here's a summary of the tuition fees and living expenses in the United States.

Tuition fees: As mentioned earlier, if you want to meet your expenses in the US, you can legally work in the campus.About tuition fees, payments for American universities start at $ 5,000.But highly rated education institutions have higher tuition fees.

Living expenses. Living expenses in America change according to the state and city you are in.Your total monthly expenses will change around 800-1100 USD, including rent, nutrition and travel costs.


Nevertheless,foreigners are more interested in the education in the Southern Neighbor and United Kingdom,but Canada is popular for the students who plan to study abroad.There are some positive reasons for that.Canada is also one of the best countries of the world for living and highly educational system

Five universities of Canada; – Toronto university,Mcgill University,British Columbia University,Alberta University,Montreal University are on the list of the bets universities of the world

5 reasons to study in Canada

You can use scholarship opportunity in Canada universities provide the foreign students with enough scholarship programs every year.You can gain vitality in a country with the best of the world’s status.Every year more than 200 students choose to study in Canada.Each foreigner who has got student status asks for a permission for working 20 hours a week in order to get a chance to provide expenses.

You will open a new door to your career and your future by studying highly academic and strict quality control standards.The diploma and certificates of Canada own global equivalence.

The quality of education and life in Canada is among the best ones.Unlike the USA and United Kingdom the education and life rights are lower.Generally Canada has always choosen for foreign students who want to study in the university and college of there.

You will get not only knowledge and skill,but also you will evolve how to express yourself,demonstrate your creativity and develop self-confidence.The teachers and professors will always try to support you to improve your academic level.

Innovative and prosperous research opportunities The government and industry in Canada supports the researches together,especially telecommunications,medicine,agriculture,computer technology and environmental fileds.

High language education Canada is bilingual and world leader in language teaching.Since French and English has been first and second languages,they use high language teaching methods of Canada.You can learn both languages during staying here.

Multicultural society Most ethnic groups of the world live in Canada and that is why it is impossible not to meet ethnic kitchen and cultural acvitvities.Your student advisor will assist you to communicate with diverse ethnic groups

Immigration opportunities Do you know, foreign students having student card and work experience can get PR(temporary residence permit).No matter where you are,what your nationality is ,not depending on racial and religious ideology ,you will get new home.That is why Canada has been declared the most multicultural country of the world.

How much are education and cost of living in Canada?

Tuition fees As we said before,you can apply to different scholarship in Canada.Totally ,tuition fee is lower for citizens,but it begins minimum from 5,000 USD.Depending on the rates and qualifications,it is going up 35,000 USD.

Expenses of living Having high life causes to high expenses of living.Monthly expenses are the following:

House for rent: 350-550 CAD

Food : 300 CAD

Fare and other expenses:300 CAD

Total monthly expenses:1100-1200 CAD

Birləşmiş Krallıq

Birləşmiş Krallıq dünyada tələbələrin təhsil almaları üçün ən uğurlu seçimlərdəndir. Ölkənin hər bir bölgəsində yüzilliklər boyu keyfiyyətli təhsil təcrübəsinə malik universitetlər fəaliyyət göstərməkdədir. Tarix boyu əcnəbi tələbələrin təhsil aldığı bu qədim universitetlər, digər yeni unviersitetlərlə paralel olaraq dünyanın ingilis dilində ən yüksək təhsil imkanlarına sahib universitetlər sırasındadır.

3000-dən çox ali təhsil müəssisəsinə sahib olan Birləşmiş Krallığın bütün universitetləri müstəqil struktur və idarəetməyə sahibdir. Burda əldə edilmiş akademik və professional dərəcələr sizə dünyanın müxtəlif ölkələrinin bir çox şirkətlərində uğurlu karyera qurmaq imkanı verəcəkdir.

Humanitar və sosial elmlər üzrə təhsil haqları £10,000–£17,000 ətrafında, elm və mühəndislik sahələri üzrə £10,000–£20,000, tibb istiqamətləri üzrə isə £20,000–£30,000 arasındadır. Təhsil haqlarının yüksək olmasına baxmayaraq BK-ın təqdim etdiyi proqramlar qısa qısa müddətdə yekunlaşır. Misal üçün ABŞ-da bakalavr təhsili 4 ildirdisə BK universitetlərində isə 3 ildir. Eyni zamanda, əksər BK univeristetlərində magistr təhsili 1 il davam etməkdədir.

Təhsil haqları yüksək olsa da, Birləşmiş Krallıq əcnəbi tələbələr üçün ən prespektivli təhsil ölkələrindəndir. Həftədə 20 saat rəsmi iş icazəsi əcnəbi tələbələr üçün təhsillərini maliyyələşdirməyə imkan verir. Böyük Britaniyada hər il Chevening dövlət təqaüd proqramı və eyni zamanda bir çox universitetlərin bakalavr, magistr, doktorantura proqramları üzrə tam və qismən təqaüd proqramları elan edilir. Bundan başqa tədqiqatçılar üçün də kifayət qədər qrant proqramlar mövcuddur.


Germany is one of the successful countries where is located top rated universities in the world, owns practical educational system,providing free education opportunity for foreign citizens.There are any qualifications in Germany.

Germany is one of the countries where foreign students come to study.Germany is the best country for foreigners so it provides low tuition fee or free education opportunities.

Germany masters to the most prestigious universities in the engineering,technical,medical,social and humanitarian fileds in the world and 2018 106 universities of 429 institution of higher education is one of the best universities of the world.The educational programs of Germany has been designed according to the requirements of the time.

In Germany foreign students own work permit for 20 hours a week.60% of foreign students work during they study.When it comes to the expenses of living it changes between 600-750 euro depending on the cities.

Germany universities require 12 years secondary education for bachelor’s degree.It is possible to accomplish required one year in the training programs of Germany universities.Studying in bachelor of stage is free in German language.There also exists education in English although there are few qualifications.,but it is not free in English language.It is possible to study in bachelor of stage after 11 years education.


France is on the list of the countries preferred by most international students. This country has always had significant impact on western culture and its culture plays huge role in the west. French, with its more than 260 ml. speakers throughout the world, stands in the second place after English as one of the most preferred teaching language. Among the countries providing high quality education with lower tuition fees and mostly favored by international students France is in the fourth place. Its Educational system is one of the bests. This country is a good choice. It is particularly best choice for the ones who want to study business related subjects. France is like a business incubator and there are enough world-rated business faculties.

One of the most main points is that, in each French university exist experience and career centers which supply assistance for the student with recruitment issues.

In state universities tuition fee constitutes 200-400 € for bachelor`s, master`s, and Phd degrees both for native and international students. That is why applying for the state universities are advised.

It is also possible to get scholarship in France. The most popular ones are supplied by France Education Ministry, France Foreign Affairs Ministry, regional councils, and Erasmus Mundus.

Overall living costs in France are high enough, but fortunately discounts in fares, rentals, and restaurants always exist for students. Additionally, costs in regions are lower than those of in the capital. Another advantage is that the French legislation allows the international students to work 20 hours a week which in its turn helps to support living costs of the students.

Studying in France provides you with globally acknowledged diploma and opens up career opportunities.

Living costs: In Paris, it is 800-1000 €, in Nice, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse it is 600-700 € . As a social state France supports both local and international students so providing that you live in one of the regional cities, you living costs can be reduced from 600 to 400 € .


There is almost everything in Austria – natural beauty, touristic cities, rich culture, the mesmerizing Alps, as well as extensive educational system. Most of the stages in educational system are hold in German, but there are enough fields that you can get education in English.

Universities in Austria differ from each other in their structures. Students who want to study in old universities such as Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, and Salzburg learn many other various subjects apart from their main subjects. In professionalized universities such as Leoben , they get taught and trained over a specific field.

Mostly bachelor stage proceeds for 3 years, and in some cases it takes 4 years. As for master`s degree, it takes 1 or 2 years to complete related educational program. Tuition fees for international students starts from 1500 € . Living cost per month is 600 € .

As Austrian universities provide scholarships, so do OEAD ( and GRANT ( ,which corporate over tuition and research, help with scholarships provided by the governmental organizations.


It plays the role of cultural and geographic cross-point between Northern Europe and East and West Europe. With thousands of years of state history, Poland is now the largest and most populous European Union country in Eastern Europe.

Every year more and more foreign students choose Poland for education outside the country. The reasons for choosing Poland as the education area of these students are different. These reasons, along with the desire to study at world-class universities such as Jagiellonian and Warsaw, include the right to education and low living expenses.

Poland has a 650-year high education tradition. In 1364, Jagiellonian University, the 2nd University of Central Europe, began its activities in Cracow, Poland. More than 400 Polish and English programs are being taught here. Jagiellonian University is one of the world's top rated universities. Warsaw University, another rated university in Poland, has the Top Coder in the list of the best precious IT universities in the world. Over the last 10 years, Polish higher education institutions have grown 4 times and are attracting foreign students to this flourishing academic environment. In most Polish universities, English is available for various programs in medicine, engineering, humanities and social sciences. Some private universities are organizing visual weekend programs so that students can work on weekdays and get a chance to study at weekends. In Poland, the tuition fee for the majority of bachelor and master degrees in English ranges from 1200 to 3500 Euros. The tuition fee for medical specialty is 10,000 Euros.

The sharp distinction of tuition fees and living expenses from Western and Northern Europe, the availability of job opportunities in Poland, has become a good example of one of the best education centers for foreign students in Poland.

Country allows foreign students to work officially at least 20 hours per week. In the case of graduation, it gives a chance to the alumni for staying one year in the country and finding a job. The monthly cost of a student is EUR 350-400 and he/she can be afforded with official work permission. Also, during the holidays, students have the opportunity to work full-time.


The historical treasures and cuisine of Italy continue to attract some vistors over centuries . Alpine mountains in the north are covered with snow, and Mediterrian sea in the south is a diversity of Italian regions. Italy is a successful choice for international students who are seeking for world-clas,social education but are suitable for foreign students.

Italian University of Bologna is the oldest university in the world that accepts foreign students since 1088. Bologna is leading the 21st century academic innovation. The Bologna process was launched in this city and is the best higher education standard in the European Higher Education Area.

Italian universities are proud of their heritage and ratings. He has dozens of international language teaching programs taught at Tor Vergata University in English. Italy also hosts the best business school in Europe.

Italy is one of the most affordable countries for education. Although living in a large city such as Rome and Milan, there are more expenses, but smaller cities cost less expenses . Large universities offer dormitories for students, and it allows to cost low. These costs vary from 400 to 600 euros depending on the city.

Compared with other European universities, tuition fees are lower than in Italy's state universities.Tuition fees of the state universities are around € 1,000. For top universities, tuition fees are slightly higher. Some universities, especially Tor Vergata University, have a tuition fee of 150-5,000 € depending on the student's family. The widest range of scholarship opportunities in Italy also attracts foreign students to this country.

If you want to stay in the country after your education, then it is recommended that you should study the Italian language because English is not very popular among the Italian people.


The Czech Republic is a central European country that is part of the Schengen region. Czech higher education institutions have a tradition of education dating back to 1348. The oldest and most prestigious universities in Europe are located in the capital, Prague. And these universities, along with European students, also recognize foreign students with higher education opportunities. Thousands of foreign students come to Czech Republic every year. Czech universities are among the top rated universities in the world. In the Czech Republic, monthly living costs are around 400-500 Euros. Education fees vary from 3,000 to 1200 Euros in English-language programs. In the Czech Republic, medical education is 10-12 Euros.

You can see the international environment in the Czech Republic not only in Prague, where more tourists and foreign students are flowing, but also in Brno, Plzen, Hradec Kraloe and Olomouc cities of the country.

Programs taught in English in the Czech Republic are mainly based on medicine, business, finance and economics, IT and computer sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities, marketing and media, MBA, art and film.

In addition, students can apply for Language Preparation Program.

Through the Czech universities, which cooperate with various European and world universities, students are able to access educational opportunities at other universities through exchange programs.

As in other European countries, the Czech Republic allows foreign students to work 20 hours a week. This also creates opportunities for both work and study for students with limited financial incomes.

At the same time, the Czech Republic also has a free education opportunity. But for this, you need to study the Czech language. For those who want to continue their careers in the Czech Republic, this is a very good opportunity, because in any case, it is inevitable to study the Czech language.


Hungary is one of the popular universities to study.It belongs to high education system including medicine in Central Europe.High education institution of Hungary won the Nobel prize and trained inventors.The opportunities of scholarship in Hungary is widespread.

Especially Hungary give scholarship opportunities to Azerbaijani students.There are different qualifications in Hungarian,German and English languages.

You can get self-paid opportunity without IELTS and at the same if your English is weak.

At this time you will have studied extra one year training program.The duration of education of most qualifications is 3 years.By studying one year training program your duration of education will be 4 years.Tuition fees begin from 3000 euro in Hungary


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